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      Electrostatic discharge related failures continue to cost electronics manufacturers many millions of dollars every year. The cost of a damaged wafer, die, component, or assembly might be only a few cents or could reach thousands of dollars. When failure happens in the field,multiply the costs by ten. ESD can impact production yields,product quality, reliability in the field, and customer's satisfaction, and all of these affect your profitability.Current industry standards including ANSI/ESD S20.20 callfor an effective ESD control program that includes initial and recurrent ESD awareness training for all personnel who might come into contact with ESD sensitive items, and for the maintenance of complete training records. Everfeed Technology PTE Ltd is proud to partner with Automated Learning Corporation to bring you a unique ESD training solution featuring the LearnTech training system.

      Available Course Titles

      Basic Advanced
      ESD: An Introduction

      ESD: See It! Believe It! Control It!

      ESD Control for Operators ESD Control Program Management
      ESD: Field Service ESD: Class 0

      Custom Tailor Your ESD Training:

      ESDA Principles of ESD Control click on a title for more information

      Complete Training System

      LearnTech ESD training products deliver a complete training system that includes: State-of-the-art training content developed with ESD experts by learning professionals A choice of delivery formats and options to meet your training needs Available computer-automated course management and record keeping LearnTech® Training Instructor/Supervisor Guides Comprehensive certification testing to assure students have understood the content LearnTech® Training course Evaluation surveys LearnTech® ESD Practical Skills Checklist for Workplace Qualification – tailorable. Support and documentation at the LearnTech® On Line Customer Support Center Technical Support via email and telephone.

      Testing and Certification
      LearnTech® certification training incorporates interactive learning checks throughout the instructional sequences. Certification tests are criterion-referenced and module-based with feedback on every response for enhanced learning. Administrative access to dates and scores of tests, certifications, and recertifications is compliant with S20.20 and ISO quality standards training requirements. The LearnTech® system allows your ESD Experts to train, test, audit, verify and certify that students have understood, and can apply the training content.

      Standards Compliant

      LearnTech® ESD training course content complies with the ANSI/ESD S20.20 ESD control program guidelines as well as to JEDEC JESD625, and IEC 61340-5 standards.

      Available Course Formats

      Course formats include LAN and Web computer-delivery with some titles also available in DVD Video.

      Computer Delivery Options

      Courses can be delivered over your network to any computer in your facility using either LAN or Web formats. We offer automated registration, and complete training records can be securely maintained on your server.



      1. Corporate LAN–Based 

      ESD LAN Format Demo

      LAN delivery is a scaleable computer-delivered solution that is appropriate for both small and large organizations. Whether you have 10 or 10,000 learners, the LearnTech® LAN system is your best buy. LAN delivery is ideal for organizations that do not have a corporate Learning management System (LMS) and includes integrated course management.

      Courseware installed on your server, securely inside your firewall LearnTech® Automated Curriculum Manager (ACM) included at no additional cost ACM manages registration, course delivery and record keeping Small client application automatically installs on each student workstation We ship the courses on disk with all necessary files for installation on your server. The "server" can be any Window’s based computer or an existing Windows server on your LAN.

      2. Corporate Web-Based Intranet

      ESD Web-Training Demo

      Many organizations today use a corporate LMS to manage registration, computer-course delivery and record keeping. LearnTech® Web-based Intranet delivery is a standards-compliant solution that works with your LMS to Deliver courses over your Intranet.

      Courseware installed on your server, securely inside your firewall Standard Web browser interface with Flash plugin on each student workstation Windows or Unix variants supported on student workstations Compatible with LMS industry standards (SCORM or AICC). Your LMS manages registration, course delivery and records keeping An engineering charge applies for LMS course integration

      3. Corporate Hosted Web-Based Internet

      ESD Web-Training Demo

      Web format courses are also available as a hosted solution with no requirement to install software on your server. Courses are hosted using a LearnTech® server and LMS and are delivered over the Internet. Students need only receive a user ID and password, so this solution can be “up-and-running” in a very short time.

      No requirement to install software on your server Standard Web browser interface with Flash plugin on each student workstation. Can be accessed from any broadband Internet connected computer, even from home Windows or Unix variants supported on student workstations Hosted registration and records with available direct access for your administrator

      4. Individual On-line Web-training

      ESD Web-Training Demo

      Web-training courses can also be purchased on-line for individual or small volume use. Both individuals and companies make use of this option when there is a limited requirement for training. Individuals receive user ID and password and hosted course access is via the Internet.

      Benefits include:

                     Automated registration, tracking, testing, certification – reduced administrative time
                  Flexible online access -"always available" 24x7 across shifts, departments, locations
                  Latest video and interactive multimedia technology – for interest, involvement and fun
                  Self-paced delivery – that improves the efficiency and effectiveness of learning
                  Individual on-demand training – no waiting for a class to be scheduled
                  Reduced language barriers for students – with text + audio + visual + review
                  Shorter student away-from-work training time – lowers training costs significantly
                  Reduced demand on your expert resources to deliver instruction on "the basics"
                  Compliance with ISO and industry standards for training and qualification records
                  Standardized training - consistent, accurate, reliable content every time
                  Convenient easy to use training - point and click to learn, it's that simple
                  High quality graphics, video and audio media - optimized for the delivery format
                  All courses available under a single license – mix and match flexibility
                  Customized content and corporate branding “look-and-feel” options are available

  • Testimonials - What Users say about LearnTech ESD Training
    • Curtiss-Wright Controls
      “This method of training requires little preparative work on my part and can be delivered on demand, avoiding scheduling conflicts… training is always consistent. My classroom and record keeping time is substantially reduced, allowing me to concentrate on surveillance, problem solving and development of other training... This product [has] made my job as a trainer and training coordinator much more rewarding.”

      Intermec Technologies
      “I ordered… ‘ESD Prevention for Operators’. It’s impact was, to say the least Amazing….As you know I have purchased the whole suite… My goal has been to utilize these resources as ‘Just in time and Just enough’ education in a manufacturing environment. Your Company has made me look like a ‘hero’ …LearnTech has become a vital part of my training…”
      “It is the most complete and correct, at least in agreeing with Lucent's ESD program, that we have seen. The Education subcommittee has, therefore, recommended it to all of the ESD Leadership Team members who represent all Lucent Technologies locations.”

      “Thank You for helping me provide our installers with such important and thorough information on ESD. Our company and our customers are the beneficiaries of the informative courses you provide.”

      Raven Industries
      “Thanks for being so helpful yesterday. I really enjoy working with you. We are using your ESD course to fulfill our requirement for ESD training. This has worked wonderfully for new hires...They are able to sit down and take the course on their first day of employment...… thank you for the Class 0 information…we have product in our pipeline that uses Class 0 components. Thanks to you I was able to provide information and education on this topic.


      “With the recent purchase of the ‘ESD Prevention for Operators’, I have increased the availability I have needed for training people with various schedules, and decreased the amount of time it takes to train them. This has saved my company time, money, and most importantly, … individuals that have received the training are educated and up-to-date.”
      Sigmapoint Technologies

      “Automated Learning is the heart of SigmaPoint's training program. The easy to use computerized format allows for both individual training and blended learning sessions. The computerized records make record retention a breeze.”


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