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Hazardous Location Application

Approved Simco-ION Equipment

Designed to optimize static neutralization in hazardous locations where safety is a critical factor.

A scalable system consisting of a control station, Static Neutralizing Bar, Power Suppply, Sensor and a Sensor Interface, the IQ Power HL ensures exceptional ionization performance within Class 1, Div. 1, Group D classified areas.

Two Power supply Choice:

Outside classified hazardous area -- HL Power Supply

Inside classified hazardous area -- HLC Power Supply

IQ HL all.jpg

The IQ Power HL sensor allows the power units to operate in Closed Loop Feedback mode or can be used as a stand-alone monitoring system. It connects to the system through the IQ Power Sensor Interface. The Sensor Interface provides status indicators for up to 8 connected sensors

  • Digital, not analog, technology offers higher accuracy and is impervious to noise

  • Sensor is intrinsically safe allowing for easy installation without the use of conduit

  • Communications cannot be corrupted due to data verifying algorithm

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