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Ultrasonic Atomizer unit

Ultrasonic Atomizer unit

Ultrasonic excitation creates fine micron size mist is useful for various applications.
Capable for normal tap water and Hypochlorous acid water (up to 50 ppm, HM-2412 only)


 HM-2412 is developed as a component for our atomizer products. We have received many requests for release of this fundamental component, so this unit has been released since 1998.
Demand of humidification of rooms are increasing as well as the air conditioning system spreads to more and more facilities and causing dry air problems.
Not only for room humidification, it can be used also for fine mist experiment in the lab, mist presentation for shop front and so on.
  • Features

    • Generates fine mist (3 μm dia approx.)
    • Easy handling for mist generation.
  • Usage

    • Experiment of micro mist on liquid in  lab
        * guarateed liquid is Hypochlorous acid water (up to 50 ppm, HM-2412 only) , tap water (all)
    • Humidification (keeping humidity in a room, prevent static electricity, keeping moisture for vegetables or grains)
    • Embed for Ultrasonic humidifier (deodorize,neutralize bacteria, aroma spread)
  • Specifications



    Model HM-2412 HM-2412C HM-1630
    Frequency 2.4 MHz 1.6MHz
    Power source 24 V DC AC48V 50/60Hz
    Power 550 mA 620mA
    Water depth 20 - 30 mm 40~50mm
    Mist production 180±50ml/h (22℃) 125±50ml/h (22℃) 575±125ml/h (25℃)
    Mist size (ave.) 3 μm approx. 4 μm approx.
    Liquid Tap water Tap water * Tap water
    Td plate Material  SUS316L Special coating SUS316L
    Gasket Material Viton (black) Silicon (orange)
    WxDxH mm
    (exclude raised part)
    Transducer: 42x30x11, Generator circuit: 80x45x45
    Weight Transducer: 20g, Generator circuit: 60g 

    * Hypochlorous acid water (50ppm or less)

    ●Water temperature: 5 to 50 deg C
    ●Output cord length: 0.3 m
    * Heat sink plate on the generator circuit must be cooled down by ventilation fan.

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