Ultrasonic handy cutter

Ultrasonic handy cutter

Blade of ultrasonic cutter is vibrated in ultrasonic frequency by internal ceramics transducer. The microscopic and high-speed motion of the blade has strong effect and blade moves much smoother with light force. Tough material that require strong force to cut becomes unbelievably smooth.

  • Additional Information

    * It does not reinforce the hardness of blades. The blade cannot cut the material that is harder than itself.
    * Ultrasonic horn and ceramics heats up by long time use (about 10 minutes). 
       Protection circuit will stop the operation. Please rest the unit until it cools down.
    * Pressure force to the blade is up to 3 kg. Too much pressure cause dislocation of blade, overheat or malfunction.
    * Thermo protection may work shorter time. 
       When the unit stops operation with too much heat, please wait until it cools down.
    * Please wear protection goggles, safety gloves for your safety while in use or replacing blades.
    * Please be aware for the harmful fume generated from the material during the operation. 
       Please have good ventilation for such cases.

  • Features

    • High speed vibration, 40,000 cycle per second (40 kHz) assists smooth cutting with less pressure force.
    • Main unit has handpiece holder. Handpiece settles safe while not in use.
  • Applicable material and thickness

    • Resin: ABS, PP, PET, acrylic
    • Thickness: 3 mm maximum
    • Cutting speed: Typically, the speed of cutting above plastics with 3mm thick is approximately 3 seconds.

    The cutting experience described above may vary by the environment and hardness of the material.

  • Maintenance note

    Blade and blade fixture must be fixed tight. WHen it becomes loose, the ultrasonic energy is not transferred to the blade.
    * Tightening confirmation before use would be recommended.

    Stains left on the blade and blade fixture can be a cause of overheat, irregular noise or malfunction.
    * Please confirm the blade and the fixture before use and clean if necessary.

  • Specifications

    Model USW-334
    Oscillation Self-excited
    Output power 20 W
    Output frequency 40 kHz
    Power source 100V AC, 50/60 Hz, 30 VA


    WxDxH mm 

    main unit 134x101x71 (exclude raised part, include foot)
    handpiece dia 34x139 
    Weight 540 g 


    • Standard blade  (HA04) x40
    • Blade fixture  (HK02) x1
    • Blade fixing screw  (HB03) x3
    • Hexagon wrench  (RR02)  x1 

    ●Transducer : Bolt-clamped Langevin type 

    ●Operation switch: Push switch (handpiece), Main switch (main unit) 
    ●Operation temperature: 5 to 45 deg C 
    ●Protection: Thermostat
    ●Power cord length: 1.4 m
    ●Output cord length: 0.5 m Carl cord)

    • Carbide blade (HA07) x1
    • Square blade (HA08) x1
    • Long blade (HA09) x1
    • Round up blade (HA10) x1
    • Blade fixing screw (HB03)x3
    • Hexagon wrench (RR02) x1
    • Cutter mat (CM01/CM02)
    • Maintenance kit (SB01/SB02)
    • Goggle (ZH13)
    • Carrying case (CB02) 
  • Video

    Click HERE to watch video

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