Large oil chiller excellent environmental resistance, Cooling capacity of the room.

  • Specifications

    Cooling Method Air-Cooled type
    Cooling Capacity(W) 8000/9000
    Tuning Form/Setting Criteria Room temperature, Body temperature
    Tuning Form/Control Target Inlet oil temperature, Outlet oil temperature
    Tuning Form/Tuning Range (°C) For setting the reference temperature, -19.9 ~ 19.9
    Non-removable Type/Control Target Inlet oil temperature, Outlet oil temperature
    Non-removable Type/Control Range (°C) 5-50
    Oil Viscosity (mm2)(S) 1.4-200
    Usable Oil Types Lube Oil , Hydraulic Mineral Oil
    Use Area Temperature (°C) 5~50
    External Dimensions (mm) H1220×W560×D620
    Volume (kg) 130
    Coating Color Light Beige Munsell No-5Y7.0 / 1 Semi-gloss
    Rated Voltage (V) Three-phase AC200
    Consumption Current (A) 12.0/13.6
    Wattage (W) 3310/4100
    Coolant R-407c 1900g
    Noise (dB) 68
    Pump/Rated Output (W) 750
    Pump/Exhaust Volume (ℓ/min) 30.0/36.0
    Relief Valve Pressure Setting (MPa) 0.6
    Pipes/Oil Inlet Connection Diameter Rc1 1/4
    Pipes/Oil Outlet Connection Diameter Rc1 1/4
    Pipes/Oil Drain Connection Diameter Rc1/8
    Safety Circuit/Compressor Temperature protector, Overcurrent relay
    Safety Circuit/Refrigeration Cycle Pressure switch
    Safety Circuit/Pump Overcurrent relay, Relief valve
    Safety Circuit/Circuit Board Fuse
    Input-Output/Alarm Output Equipment abnormalities, Condensing temperature anomaly
    Input-Output/Circulation Oil Temperature Output Upper temperature limit, Lower limit temperature, Upper and lower limit temperature (2 points)
    Input-Output/Control Output Auto-scale, Auto Level, Manual
    Input-Output/Control Input Operation is stopped Compressor operation, Pumping operation
    Input-Output/External Thermista 2W (Optional)
    Input-Output/RS-232C 3W

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