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Compact desk-top cleaner

Compact desk-top cleaner

Compact space factor allows easy setting.

Easy operation. On push for 5 or 10 minutes operation.

Comes with full package of accessories. Possible to work right-away!

Accessories are useful for various applications.

  • Usage

    Accessories, Precious metal cleaning

    Laboratory goods cleaning

    Cleaning for precision electronics parts, delicate instruments

  • Specifications

    Model W-170ST
    Oscillation Single frequency
    Output power 70 W
    Output frequency 40 kHz
    Power source 100V AC, 50/60 Hz, 100 VA


    W x D x H (mm)

    outer 243 x 192 x 173
    (exclude raised part, include foot)
    inner    170 x 100 x 80 (1.3L) 
    Weight 2 kg

    ■Accessories: Rid, Beaker rack, Duckboard
    ●Liquid temperature: 80 deg C
    ●Transducer : Bolt-clamped Langevin type
    ●Timer: 5 / 10 minutes
    ●Power cord length: 1.5 m
    ●Material: Case, Lid - PP(polypropylene), Tank: SUS304
    ●Option: Basket(KG02), Beaker(BK01)

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