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Multiple oscillation mode ultrasonic cleaner

Multiple oscillation mode ultrasonic cleaner

Four oscillation mode can cover wide range of contamination and matches for various objects. 
Digital controlled generator circuit optimized stable output power.

  • Features

    • Digital technology enabled regulated power to the generator and realized stable cleaning.
    • "Self diagnostic function" is built-in.
    • Rich remote control function; Output power on / off or control, Operation mode, Alert signal.
  • 4 Oscillation modes

    1. Dual frequency mode
    Delivers good agitation especially for cavitation spot and carry ultrasonic power farther from the transducer efficiently.
    Generate pumping effect and effectively cleans inside narrow tube or thru-hole PCB.

    2. FM (Frequency Modulation) mode
    Vibration nodes of standing wave move efficiently and clean works evenly in a cleaning tank.
    Cavitation position moves by modulation sweep, erosion damage can be reduced.

    3. Single frequency mode
    Generates strong cavitation power and removes stif stains.

    4. Pulse Oscillation mode
    Intermittent ultrasonic pulse output cause gentle cleaning power. It also effective to degas the water.

  • Purpose

    • Semiconductor industry: IC, Transistors, Si wafers, Photo mask
    • Fine Electronics: PCB, HDD parts, glass substrate of LCD
    • Automotive: Piston, Fuel pump, Electrical parts
  • Video

    Click HERE for video

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