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Digital "DYNASHOCK" ultrasonic cleaner

Digital "DYNASHOCK" ultrasonic cleaner

"DYNASHOCK" modulation technology by full digital control circuit enables variety of applications from physically tough stains to micro-fine contamination with small risk of damage of erosion.


The technology to control the mixture ratio of two different frequency generated  by the same transducers keeping the same output power. It delivers best matching ultrasonic cleaning power for the cleaning work.

Lower frequency applies for hard and strong power to hard and stubborn contamination or stains. Higher frequency cleans fine and delicate structure with minimum damage to the cleaning work.

The power ratio of two frequencies is named as "DM ratio". Where the low frequency power is PL and High frequency power is PH, DM ratio can be calculated as PL / PH.

  • Features

     Dynamic Modulation can avoid damage and enables wide range of cleaning from fine material to hard structure.

    Modulation ratio can be adjusted and spread high acoustic pressure around entire area in a tank, thus the equable cleaning is achieved.

  • Advanced Functions

    Optimized cleaning Frequency optimization and output power control enables stable Ultrasonic cleaning.
    Easy Maintenance Automatic tuning function eliminates the manual calibration of oscillator when exchanging the transducer unit.
    Power Source Wide range of power voltage is supported. 200 V AC to 240 V AC±10%
    Monitoring Function Output power can be controlled from the front panel.
    Self Diagnose In the case of error, the error message shows the problems.
    Sweep Function Frequency sweep operation adds even more even distribution of power in a tank.
  • Purpose

    • Metal, mechanical parts cleaning
    • Fine, Micro-mechanical parts cleaning
    • PCB cleaning, Solar cell material cleaning
    • HDD parts, LCD parts, Optical parts cleaning
    • Fine cleaning for Semiconductor industry
    • Delicate cleaning for medical or food industry 
  • Video

    Click HERE for video

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