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Companies that have attended our workshops and events include:

Hear from our Clients

"It's very critical to continue to sustain a high level of awareness on ESD/EOS protection in our products as we have learn through the years that the costs to compensate the ESD/EOS failures to our customers and the costs to salvage and to run experiments are a lot more expensive than to provide training and education in ESD/EOS and put in place proactive measures for ESD/EOS protection. Therefore, as the ESD/EOS program manager for the company, i have been promoting to my management to send employees to such workshops and seminars to get them equipped with relevant knowledge and will in return help the company to put in place good ESD/EOS control whenever we are setting up manufacturing line for existing and new products."

Pao Ann Bong, Program Manager - Avago

“Having more aware of the standard makes it easy for everyone in the industry to communicate on what are needed and what needs to be done.” 

Raymond T. Sietereales, Analog Devices Inc

"Attending the ESD Association’s Symposium on Factory Issues is the perfect way to stay in touch with the latest in factory control topics. It is an ideal way to stay networked with many of the Industry experts while improving your own skill set. As we look to the future, innovations in factory controls will be critical as we see ESD sensitivities for integrated circuits trend lower with performance being pushed higher. This symposium offers an ideal environment to discuss new ideas and innovations while learning about the latest trends from Industry experts. Ensure that your company is ready for the future by leveraging this learning opportunity today, don’t miss out on making sure your company will be prepared."

Brett Carn, Principal Engineer, Intel Corporation

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