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iNARTE Training

Welcome to the Exemplar Global - iNARTE Training Workshop and Examination. Everfeed Technology is a Training and Test Centre partnered with Exemplar Global

EXEMPLAR GLOBAL-iNARTE, is an independent, non profit association which provides professional personal certification to qualifying individuals in the fields of Electromagnetic Compatibility/Interference, Electrostatic Discharge Control, Product Safety, Telecommunications, and Unlicensed Wireless Systems Installation.


Some of the things you will learn about ESD:

  • Increase your understanding in the basics of ESD, its causes and effects in electronic environments

  • Helps  you to identify and analyze ESD related problems and issues

  • Provide static control techniques for monitoring, evaluating and upgrading your facilities in defense against ESD

  • Provide standard procedures on how to implement and audit a static control program in accordance with IEC61340-5-1 & ANSI/ESD S20.20.

Exemplar Global
Exemplar Globar-iNarte Training
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