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iNARTE Certification Examination
Exemplar Global-iNARTE Certification Exam

ESD impacts on yields and reliability in electrostatic protected areas in industries such as hard disk industries, electronic manufacturing and assemblies, semiconductor manufacturers and biomedical device companies. A qualified ESD engineer is paramount and proficient in conducting ESD test & measurements, using ESD tools, setup ESD control plan, carrying out product qualification and compliance verification programs, applies quality control & material evaluation, etc

The iNARTE ESD control certification is administered by iNarte, aims for both ESD Engineers and ESD Technicians. This is an internationally recognized, independent validation of professional excellence, according to the guidelines of ISO 17024.

iNARTE International Test Center:

Application Forms (all 5 forms need to be submitted):

                                       1. ESD Application form

                                       2. ESD Work History

                                       3. Reference from Supervisor

                                       4. Reference from Peer 1

                                       5. Reference from Peer 2

                                       6. Past & Present Employment History (with Proof of Service)


The examination covers topics such as ESD basics, ESD control program development & assessment, ESD auditing & evaluation, IEC61340-5-1 & ANSI/ESD S20.20 Standard, grounding, air ionization, work surface, packaging principles, device technology, ESD calculation, clean-room systems, and so on. All applicants of the iNARTE Certification are required to pass a four hour final open book exam consisting of 50 multiple-choice questions. Once certified, individuals are required to take additional classes to maintain the certification.


The iNarte ESD certification exams are open book with option for (i) on-line exam (preferred), (ii) traditional hardcopy exam. Computers and Calculators are allowed. We do not guarantee power or internet connection; but if it is available in the examination room, candidates may connect. Applicants should note the following:



  • Standards

  • Tutorial Notes

  • Calculators

  • Reference Books

  • Computers

Not Allowed

  • Talking on cellphone

  • Communication through any electronic means

  • Sharing of reference materials

ESD Engineer or ESD Technician?

ESD Engineers know the math and the physics of electrostatic discharge control and have good writing and verbal skills.

ESD Technicians know the instruments , test setups and need to know the pitfalls of real measurements.

Requirements for Certification as ESDC Engineer

  • 9 years of engineering experience*, or equivalent based on a combination of education and ESDC work experience, which demonstrated competence in ESDC engineering.

  • Satisfactory performance on a written exam in ESDC engineering fundamentals as administered by iNARTE.

  • Equivalencies granted for study at schools approved by iNARTE are based on the schedule below.

  • Engineering teaching experience may qualify the applicant for up to two years of experience equivalency.

Requirements for Certification as ESDC Technician

  • 6 Years of technician experience*, of equivalent based on a combination of education and ESDC work experience, which demonstrated competence as an ESDC technician.

  • Satisfactory performance on a written exam in ESD technology as administered by iNARTE.

  • Two years of experience may be granted for graduation from an iNARTE-approved school in a curriculum that includes an electronics technology or applied electronics course. The teaching of electronics or engineering technology may qualify the applicant for up to two years of experience equivalency.

Selected companies with iNARTE Certified Personnel

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