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Simco-Ion’s V-Force 30 narrow web vacuum system is a unique high performing industrial vacuum cleaning system for narrow web machines. The V-Force 30 combines the power of static neutralization with high vacuum, high volume and high velocity allowing for ultimate cleaning. 

It can be easily installed onto any area of open web on most major narrow web presses and other narrow web machinery making it ideal for any application.

The V-Force 30's low-profile hood integrates four barrier brushes to manage air velocity and air flow. It also incorporates shockless static bars, two upper and two lower, to quickly neutralize and break the bond between charged particulate and the running web up to 2,000 ft per minute. This optimizes the cleaning performance and neutralizes the web surface. The hood is available for 6, 12, 18, 24 and 30 inch web widths.


The Air Control System (ACS) is an all-in-one clean air blow-off / vacuum and collector support cabinet that drives our cleaning hood. This industrial powerhouse provides optimal filtration and airflow. The ACS’s stainless steel enclosure incorporates enhanced acoustic isolation for blowers and vacuum chambers making the system quieter than a Shop Vac.

Device Used: V-Force 30

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