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Malaysia EOS/ESD Manufacturing Symposium 2019

ESD Certified Professional-Program Manager (PrM) Certification Exam offering for the 1st time in Penang*

Penang 2019 Symposium
Penang 2019 Symposium
Join us at the ESDA Symposium 2019 held in Asia (Penang)
Oct 14, 2019, 9:00 AM – Oct 18, 2019, 5:00 PM
Penang Skills Development Centre,
Penang, Malaysia

How to get there: 

  6km from Penang International Airport

      - Bus 401E (approx 2hours)

      - Taxi/Grab (approx 10min)

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Everfeed has been co-organizing the EOS/ESD Manufacturing Symposium with ESD Association for several years, since 2012. ANSI/ESD S20.20 Tutorials, Factory & Control Tutorials, Certification Examinations and other courses are also offered during the symposium. We look forward to the technical presentations by industry leaders every year. Coupled with a few demos by our Everfeed Staff, there's a plethora of things to learn! Exhibitions are also held at the same time to introduce companies and their products.


Provides world class ESD education with premium certification.


Set industry ESD standards and professional certification in Asia Pacific through PMgr certification & Provide platforms for Asian Practitioners to be educated and gain knowledge and skills in this field.


Table of Event

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Download PDF here

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Nearest Hotel:


Olive Tree Hotel Penang

 - In the proximity of Penang Skills Development Centre

 - Four Star, with good guest rating

Co-Sponsor   :

The event will be held from 9am - 5pm each day. For Day 3 & 4 the S20.20 and Technical Presentation will be held concurrently so you can only choose to attend either one.


• Feature keynote and emerging technology presentations provide the latest discoveries in EOS/ESD control.

• Workshops allow you to discuss your companies unique challenges with industry professionals and peers.

• Networking opportunities to get answers from industry experts on important technical questions.

• Tutorials and Seminars for valuable training to keep you at the top of your field.

• Several topics will be covered including EOS/ESD Factory Level Control and Materials Technology, advanced CMOS EOS/ESD and Latchup, ESD Protection in Bipolar, RF, High Voltage and BCD Technologies, Numerical Modeling and Simulation for On-Chip ESD Protection, EOS/ESD Failure Analysis, Device Testing, System Level EOS/ESD/EMC, EOS/ESD Electronic Design Automation.


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