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50005 - Concentric Ring Probe

50005 - Concentric Ring Probe


  • Features

    The Desco 50005 Concentric Ring Probe is an instrument to be used in conjunction with a resistance meter, such as the Desco 19787 Digital Surface Resistance Meter, to measure surface resistance per ANSI/ESD STM11.11 the test method listed in Packaging standard ANSI/ESD S541 for surface resistance of planar materials.


    The Concentric Ring Probe (Ref: ANSI/ESD STM11.12) can measure the volume resistance of planar materials using a flat conductive metal plate (not included).


    The Concentric Ring Probe may be used for the resistance measurements of ESD packaging including static shielding and other bags.


    The Desco Concentric Ring Probe is compatible with the following Desco Surface Resistance Meters:

    19787 Digital Surface Resistance Meter Kit

    19788 Digital Surface Resistance Meter

    19784 Analog Surface Resistance Meter Kit

    19786 Analog Surface Resistance Meter

    19640 Surface Resistance Checker

  • Technical Information

    TB-3063 - Concentric Ring Probe: Installation, Operation and Maintenance

  • Video

    Digital Surface Resistance Meter

    Click HERE to watch video

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