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Simco-Ion's Teknek ACM55 Sheet Cleaner utilizes Simco-Ion static bars to ensure the material being processed leaves the machine free of static charge. Teknek's integrated 'Class A ISO 6123' light weight cleaning core offers advanced material processing. ACM55's drive system eliminates the need for gears, motors, and chains, delivering a safe, clean, accurate alternative to traditional methods. ACM55 also includes a user-friendly tablet interface that displays machine status and operator instructions/drawings.

  • Specifications

    Cleaning Core Traditional Elastomer & Silicone Free
    Cleaning Widths 650 - 762 - 1000 - 1200
    Operating Modes Uni-directional & Auto-reverse
    Processing Speeds 2.5 - 40m/min
    Material Processing 50μ - 10mm**
    Static Elimination Simco-Ion bar on enrty and exit
    Pass Height 900 or 1000 ± 50mm
    Power Supply Universal 85 - 264 V AC
    Air Supply 5 - 7 bar "oil free air"
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