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AeroBar® 5225S

AeroBar® 5225S

Simco-Ion’s Standalone Digital AeroBar Model 5225S ionizing bar is specifically designed to provide high performance with simple integration and operation. Adjustable and precise, easy-to-use digital settings allow the AeroBar to be used in a multitude of applications, ranging from inside tools to workstations and cleanroom areas. A choice of ionization modes, output voltage, and timing provide versatility to meet static charge neutralization requirements.

  • All parameters are held within the AeroBar; no controller required.
  • Fully adjustable parameters for each AeroBar utilizing Pulsed DC or Steady-state DC modes
  • Several AeroBar lengths including three lengths specifically designed for EFEMs
  • Ion current monitoring
  • FMS alarm output
  • Single-crystal silicon emitter points
  • Specifications

    Input Voltage 24 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1W (typ)
    Ouput Voltage 0-20 kVDC, ±10% for each polarity on an individual AeroBar; positive or negative output levels can be adjusted separately with IR Handheld Remote
    Ion Emission Pulsed DC, Steady-state DC
    Emitter Points Single-crystal Silicon, replaceable
    Cleanliness ISO 14644-1 Class 1
    Dimension 2.1H x 1.2W x 22.4, 28.4, 35.7, 44.4, 55.6, 64.4, 75.5, or 84.4L inches (5.3H x 3.1W x 56.9, 72.1, 90.7, 112.8, 141.2, 163.6, 191.8, or 214.4 L cm)
    Weight 1.5 lb (1.02 kg) for a 22 in. (56.9 cm) bar (approx. 6 oz per additional ft/0.17 kg per additional 30 cm)
  • Accessories

    • Wire Terminal Connector
    • Wire Ties
    • Tie Blocks
    • Interconnect Cable s 
    • CPC Cables
    • Standard AeroBar Installation Kit
    • Pine Tree Clips 
    • Eyebolt with nut
    • Mid-Clips
    • Wire Clip 
    • Flat Clip 
    • Stainless steel T-Bar Clip
  • Consumables

    • Ultra-clean Sleeved (Silicon) Emitter Point
    • Class One (Titanium) Emitter Point
    • Simco-Ion Emitter Point Cleaner
    • Polycarbonate Rods
  • Target Markets

    • Back-End Semiconductor Processing
    • Front-End Semiconductor Manufacturing
  • Target Applications

    The AeroBar 5225S is designed to control electrostatic discharge and particle contamination in mini-environments and workstations and in locations where forced-air is not favored and usually work in cleaner environment with laminar flow.

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