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AeroBar® 5635 MP

AeroBar® 5635 MP

Simco-Ion's AeroBar 5635 Modulated Pulse ionizing bar is specifically designed to eliminates static charge in semiconductor and other ultra-clean manufacturing processes where fast discharge time, low swing voltages, and precision balance are required. The Model 5635 utilizes MP technology, combining a high-frequency sine wave with modulated pulses (MP) for high ion output and delivery. This breakthrough technology enables AeroBar mounting within 150 mm of the wafer. MP technology, combined with ultra-clean silicon emitter points and precision adjustment, provides ISO 14644-12 ionization (0.01 µm particles or nanoparticles) and ISO 14644 Class 1 (0.1 µm particles) cleanliness, critical for smaller technology nodes.

  • ISO 14644-12 (0.01 µm particles) ionization
  • ISO 14644 Class 1 (0.1 µm particles) cleanliness
  • Modulated pulse technology
  • Excellent lateral uniformity
  • Low field voltages
  • Air-assist capability
  • Optional software with easy-to-use interface with wide adjustability
  • Alarm output signal
  • Specifications

    Input Voltage 24 VDC ±10%
    Balance Auto balancing system <±20V over time and across the bar length (measured in a controlled environment at 24” distance)
    Ion Emission Modulated pulse (MP) technology
    Emitter Points Single-crystal silicon emitter points
    Cleanliness Meets ISO 14644-12 ionization (0.01 mm particles or nanoparticles) and ISO 14644 Class 1 (0.1 mm particles) using 45-50% output voltage
    Dimension 3.1H x 1.3W x 18/24/34/39/45/51/57/63/69/75/81/87/93L in. (78H x 34W x 450/600/850/1000/1150/1300/1450/1600/1750/1900/2050/2200/2350L mm)
  • Accessories

    • Signal and Power Junction Box for FMS Connection
    • Remote Serial Adapter Kit
    • 100-240 VAC to 24 VDC Power Transformer
    • 24 VDC Power Converter with Signal and Power Junction Box
    • Horizontal Mounting Brackets
    • Vertical Mounting Brackets
    • Flat Mounting Clips
    • M4 Metric Flat Mounting Clip
    • Cat-5e with RJ-45 Ethernet Cable
    • Eyebolt with Nut
    • OpenJet Nozzle Assembly
    • IEC Power Cord
  • Consumables

    • Single Crystal Silicon Emitter Points
    • Simco-Ion Emitter Point Cleaner
  • Target Markets

    • Front-End Semiconductor Manufacturing
  • Target Applications

    AeroBar 5635 is specifically designed for semiconductor wafer processing and the stringent cleanliness and performance requirements at smaller geometries. It provides ISO 14644-12 ionization (0.01 µm particles or nanoparticles) and ISO 14644 Class 1 (0.1 µm particles) cleanliness.

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