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Aerostat® XC2

Aerostat® XC2

Simco-Ion’s Aerostat XC2 Blower provides complete wide area ionization protection and is designed and built for reliable, long-term static control. The XC2 offers outstanding coverage for larger areas with <12 second discharge times at 6 feet (1.8m) distance from the face of the blower. The weight-saving design allows the Aerostat XC2 to be mounted above the work surface, which is especially effective for flat-panel display module assembly.

  • Large, near symmetric ionization area coverage
  • Weight-saving design
  • Easy-to-use, built-in emitter cleaner
  • ±10V self-balancing (“Micropulse”) technology
  • Local alarm LEDs, Facility Monitoring System (FMS) connection and optional audible alarm
  • Integrated heater for warm air flow            
  • Specifications

    Input Voltage 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz; 0.5A (no heater), 3.5A (100-120 VAC heater); 1.9A (220-240 VAC heater)
    Discharge 1.0 sec @ 1’ (1000-100V high fan speed)
    Balance 0 ±10V
    Coverage Area 3’W x 6’L (effective coverage area is up to 6’ from the blower face)
    Cleanroom Class Meets ISO 14644-1 Class 6 (Fed Std. 209E Class 1000)
    Dimensions 14.13W x 7.2H x 6.55D in. (35.9W x 18.3H x 16.6D cm) with stand
    Weight 7 lbs (3.2 kg) with stand
  • Accessories

    • Aerostat XC2 Air Filter Kit 
    • Power Cords
  • Consumables

    • Aerostat XC2 Replacement Air Filters (6 pack)
    • Aerostat XC2 Replacement Emitter Cartridge
  • Target Markets

    • Electronics Assembly
    • Life Sciences
    • Back-End Semiconductor Processing
    • Flat-panel Display
  • Target Applications

    The extended coverage of the Aerostat XC2 combined with its' lightweight design is perfect for neutralizing static charge from overhead and other large target areas.


    The Aerostat XC2 reaches an extended coverage area across the worksurface without sacrificing excessive work space.

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