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The Vortec Cold Air Pistol offers an ergonomic, easy to use and more mobile, and less costly alternative to the Cold Air Gun for intermittent spot cooling.

The lightweight pistol features an integral trigger mechanism for an on/off squeeze action that can be aimed at the target site; and provides cool air as low as 0 deg F (-17.78 deg) at a flow rate of 9 cfm.

The pistol is ideal for repair shops, industrial MRO, and machine tool shops, or anywhere that 100 psi compressed air is available and intermittent spot cooling is needed.

The cold air pistol will cool parts quickly and with no liquid mess, so that your jobs can be started and completed faster.

  • Features


    • Speed jobs by cooling parts and welds faster
    • Cure or set glues, epoxies, etc. faster
    • Move cooling to the target more easily
    • Cools welds safely and without liquids-without compromising the integrity of the weld.
    • Trigger cooling only when needed
    • Reduce waiting or normalization time by cooling parts faster
    • Eliminate the potential for burning and scorching
    • Airflow clears sawdust, shavings and dirt away from surface


    • Delivers a 0 deg F cold air stream at 9 cfm when triggered
    • Ergonomic handle and trigger
    • Lightweight and portable: less than one pound; only 11 13/16” long
    • Quiet operation. Noise level at 3 feet is 78 dB.
    • Highly reliable with 10 year warranty
    • Low pressure outlet air
    • Uses only compressed air – no Freon
  • Specifications

    Cold Air Pistol 615
    Compressed air pressure (psig) 80 - 100
    Inlet size (NPT pipe thread, inches) 1/4
    Minimum Outlet Temperature, deg F 
    (at 70 deg F inlet air)
    Cooling Capacity (BTU/hr) 900
    Air Consumption @ 100 psig (scfm) 15
    Outlet Air Flow Rate (scfm) 9
    Dimensions, inches  
          Overall Length  13
          Diameter -
          Nozzle Length -
          Flexible Nozzle Diameter -
          Outlet Diameter (ID) 3/8
          Magnetic base diameter -
          Magnetic base height -
    Weight, lbs 0.8
    Supply hose  
          Diameter, inch 3/8
          Maximum recommended distance, feet 25
    Recommended filter size 25 scfm
    Filter model, not included 701S-24A
  • Video

    Click HERE to watch video

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