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Workers in extreme temperatures wear Personal Air Conditioners (PACs) to minimize heat stress and fatigue.  The PAC's improve comfort and productivity by using a cooling tube with belt that generates cold air to provide air flow to the worker.

PACs are available in two cooling capacities; 1500 BTUH and 2500 BTUH.   Both models can achieve temperature differentials of +/- 45 – 60 deg F from the inlet compressed air temperature using vortex tube technology. These models are adjustable by the worker using an integral temperature adjustment knob.

  • Features


    • Improves worker safety
    • Eliminates the incidence of worker heat stress or cold stress
    • Reduces frequency and duration of non-productive cooling and warming work breaks
    • Maximizes worker productivity and comfort in extreme temperatures
    • Eliminates the need to air condition large warehouse or shop areas


    • Provide continuous, consistent cooling, unlike ice or gel paks
    • The Dual Action PAC can be easily switched from one mode to the other by rotating the tube and swapping the muffler from one end to the other.
    • Three cooling capacities available in the cooling only mode; heating and cooling model is available at two heat/cool capacities
    • Air is delivered at up to +/- 45-60 deg F (+/- 25 - 33 deg C) differential from the compressed air inlet
    • Cooling only version has easy temperature adjustment by user, even with gloved hands
    • All PAC models are supplied with an adjustable waist belt and an Industrial Interchange style quick connect for attachment to the compressed air supply
    • Can be worn under other protective clothing
    • Three vest sizes available to fit all workers, plus a vest extension for varying sizes
    • Vest is impermeable to sweat, dirt and other contaminants; easily cleaned
    • Vest allows full range of motion with no airflow restrictions
    • The vest is made of an abrasion resistant, flame retardant vinyl laminated nylon that is self-extinguishing and has a melting point of 300°F (149°C).
  • Specifications

    Cooling Only Personal Air Conditioner 22815 22825 22835
    Description Cooling only Cooling only Cooling only
    Cooling Capacity (BTU/hr) 900 1500 2500
    Air Consumption @ 100 psig (scfm) 15 25 35
    Temperature Drop or Change (deg F) 60 60 60
    Recommended filter model 701S-24A 701S-24A 701S-36A
    For use with:
    865 X X X
    867 - X X
    869 - - X
  • Video

    Click HERE to watch video

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