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FA: Heat-resistant cooler out-of-the-box.

  • Specifications

    Mount Type Side-mount
    Cooling Capacity (W) 2500/2800
    Setting Temperature Range (°C) 30 to 70
    Use Area Temperature (°C) 30 to 70
    Use Area Humidity (%RH) 10-85(-45℃)、10-45(-55℃)、10-30(-65℃)、10-20(-70℃)
    External Dimensions (mm) H1455×W480×D260
    Volume (kg) 72
    Coating Color Color Munsell 5Y7 / 1 light beige
    Voltage Rating (V) Three phase AC200
    Consumption Current/Rating (A) (At 35 ℃ ambient temperature) 5.0/5.2
    Consumption Current/MAX (A) (At 70 ℃ ambient temperature) 6.9/7.3
    Starting Current (A) 30
    Consumption Voltage/Rating (W) (At 35 ℃ ambient temperature) 1000/1190
    Consumption Voltage/MAX (W) (When the outside air temperature of 70 ℃) 1800/2150
    Noise Resistance 1.5kV (50ns, 1μs, common pulse width, Normal mode, caused by noise simulator)
    Vibration Resistance 5Hz frequency 20mm total amplitude
    Dust & Water Protection Grade Equivalent to IP54 (internal circulation route)
    Coolant / Filling (g) HFC-134a 933g
    Noise (dB) 67/72
    External Output Compressor operation. Temperature anomaly in the panel. Compressor overcurrent. Abnormally high temperature compressor. Abnormal pressure compressor (250V 2A). Relay output.
    Display Power (white), Operation (green), Alarm (red) Lamp display
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