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While the compact body, equipped with a vaporizing unit drain.

  • Specifications

    Mount Type Side-mount
    Cooling Capacity (W) 400/500
    Setting Temperature Range (°C) 25 to 45
    Use Area Temperature (°C) 20 to 50
    Use Area Humidity (%RH) 10-85(No condensation)
    External Dimensions (mm) H500×W350×D230
    Volume (kg) 19
    Coating Color Color Munsell 5Y7 / 1 light beige
    Voltage Rating (V) Single-phase AC100
    Consumption Current/Rating (A) 3.3/3.0
    Consumption Current/MAX (A) 3.6/3.7
    Starting Current (A) 7.4/7.7
    Consumption Voltage/Rating (W) 270/290
    Consumption Voltage/MAX (W) 320/360
    Noise Resistance Fast Transient / LEVEL4 by burst immunity test
    Vibration Resistance Equivalent to JIS Z 0200 Level1
    Dust & Water Protection Grade Equivalent to IP54 (internal circulation route)
    Coolant / Filling (g) HFC-134a 100g
    Noise (dB) 63/67
    External Output Alarm output (a contact: No-voltage resistive load 250V 2A)
    Display LED / RUN LED display / temperature error in the panel
    Regulatory Compliance EN60335-1 EN60335-2-40/EN61000-6-2 EN61000-6-4
    Environmental Response RoHS
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