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While the compact body, equipped with a vaporizing unit drain.

  • Specifications

    Mount Type Side-mount
    Cooling Capacity (W) 400/500
    Setting Temperature Range (°C) 25 to 45
    Use Area Temperature (°C) 20 to 50
    Use Area Humidity (%RH) 10-85(No condensation)
    External Dimensions (mm) H500×W350×D230
    Volume (kg) 19
    Coating Color Color Munsell 5Y7 / 1 light beige
    Voltage Rating (V) Single-phase AC200
    Consumption Current/Rating (A) 1.8/1.4
    Consumption Current/MAX (A) 1.9/1.6
    Starting Current (A) 4.0/4.2
    Consumption Voltage/Rating (W) 280/250
    Consumption Voltage/MAX (W) 330/300
    Noise Resistance Fast Transient / LEVEL4 by burst immunity test
    Vibration Resistance Equivalent to JIS Z 0200 Level1
    Dust & Water Protection Grade Equivalent to IP54 (internal circulation route)
    Coolant / Filling (g) HFC-134a 100g
    Noise (dB) 63/67
    External Output Alarm output(a contact: No-voltage resistive load 250V 2A)
    Display LED / RUN LED display / temperature error in the panel
    Regulatory Compliance EN60335-1 EN60335-2-40/EN61000-6-2 EN61000-6-4
    Environmental Response RoHS
    Note: Cooling capacity 35 °C ambient temperature, the rated capacity of 35 °C when the set temperature inside the panel. Ambient humidity / ambient temperature (air enthalpy method measurement conditions JIS-C-9612) is not meant to satisfy all conditions in temperature and humidity. Rated value: 35 °C ambient temperature, ambient humidity RH 40% value at the time of use. RH 40% when the value of the maximum allowed ambient temperature, ambient humidity using an ambient temperature of use: The value MAX. The permissible ambient temperature: If you are in continuous use (less than 15 ~ 20 °C ambient), because there is a possibility of high-load operation of the compressor at low temperatures, the power supply is cut as much as possible please. Please read instructions carefully before use, please use properly.

    Parts list supplied

    Mounting Bolt 6 (M6 x L20)
    Exhaust Hose 2m
    INSULOK Tie 1
    Washer 2(M6)
    Spacer 6
    Wind Direction Louver 1
    Louvered Screw 2
    Gland (Length) 2/ (short) 2
    User Manual 1
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