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Process ESD Risk Assessment (ESD 302)

Process ESD Risk Assessment (ESD 302)


The objective of this course is to acquire the knowledge to assess the ESD controls of automated handling equipment (AHE), which is a part of an electrostatic discharge protected area (EPA). The course will justify ANSI/ESD SP10.1 AHE ESD controls best practices, recommend the area of improvements needed to protect sensitive devices & assemblies, supporting ANSI/ESD S20.20 ESD control program.


Learning Outcome:


In this course, the learner will appraise fundamental principles of ANSI/ESD S20.20, process ESD risk assessment associated in AHE (wafer saw, wire bonder, die attach, high temperature and/or tri-temperature test handlers, etc.) using ANSI/ESD SP10.1. The learner will acquire the knowledge to mitigate charge in AHE through practical case studies and in-depth analysis.



Target Participants:


This is a 1-day course targeted at personnel working in quality assurance, predictive / preventive maintenance and engineering. The course is designed for personnel working on design, manufacture, package, test and/or handle electronic devices or equipment sensitive to electrostatic discharge; seeking to understand the ESD issues associated to AHE and enhance their knowledge in the mitigation of ESD.


**10 Pax to start the class**

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