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  • Specifications

    Max. Cooling capacity (m3/min) 8.2/.8
    Max. external static pressure (kPa) 1.6/2.2
    Collecting effi ciency (%)*1 99.8
    Operating environment temperature and humidity 0 to 40℃, 90%RH or less(Indoor specifi cation)
    Absorption gas temperature (℃) 0 to 50
    Target to be collected*2 Water-immiscible oil mist (Ignition point: Higher than 70℃)
    Simultaneously available for water-immiscible oil mist
    (However, some types of generated oil mist are not usable.)
    Max. inlet density (mg/m3) 50 or less
    External dimensions (mm) H654 x W497 x D580
    Suction opening Side suction Φ123mm
    Weight (kg) 47
    Coating color Munsell N7.3 / Munsell 5PB2/2(Fan motor casing)
    Rated voltage (V)*3 Three-phase AC200±10% 50/60Hz
    Max. Consumption current (A) 2.1/2.7
    Max. Power consumption (W) 510/830
    Regulatory Compliance Low voltage directive (LVD)/EN60204-1:2006/A1:2009
    EMC directive/EN61000-6-2:2005, EN61000-6-4:2007
    Installed motor output 0.75kW 2P(All closed external fan type)
    Fan material A5052 (Aluminum)
    Disk material SUS304 (Stainless)
    Drain pipes PF1-inch socket
    Noise (dB[A]) 67/71
    Environmental response RoHS
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