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HE Static Control Nozzles are a current-limited pinpoint ionizing air source, which ensures operator and equipment safety. By limiting current at the nozzle tip, the HE can be used where contact by personnel is likely. They operate on compressed air or nitrogen and produce a high-velocity stream of static eliminating air for cleaning and static control. Ideal for preventing double pickup at the feed pile on sheet-fed presses.

  • Fast, efficient neutralization
  • Can be installed individually, in a series, or on a header bar
  • Compact size allows for a wide variety of applications
  • Specifications

    Line Voltage Requirements 120 V, 60 Hz, 230 V, 50 Hz
    Size (Individual Nozzle) 2" (1" diameter)
    Maximum Air Pressure (clean, dry air) 100 psi maximum
    Air Flow (at 30 psi) 2.8 SCFM
    Air Supply Connection 1/8 inch NPT on nozzle
    Working Distance from substrate Up to 6 inches
    Operating Temperature Limit 150° F (66° C)
    Static Charge Discharge Time 0.7 seconds at 6 inches at 30 psi (5000 V to 500 V)
    Power Supply D167Q, D257Q
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