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HLF800 series | Ultrasonic Flow meter

HLF800 series | Ultrasonic Flow meter

Utilizing ultrasonic wave transfer in liquid measures flow speed and accurate flow rate can be calculated.
A couple of ultrasonic sensors are located in the sensor unit and transfer speed btween them with liquid flow shows the speed. The flow speed represent the flow rate inside the tube of sensor unit.

○There is no part or construction inside the tube, so the least pressure loss is expected.
○Flow rate measurement range is wide from low to high.

  • Features

    Stable measurement by DSP (Digital Signal Processor) even with bubbly environment


    ●Fitting two sensor unit to one main unit  
    Realizes good space factor and cost effectivity by controlling two sensors in one main unit. Different chemical, different size measurement is possible.  
    ●Good readability by VFD  
    VFD (Vacuum Fluorescent Display) gives very good readability in limited installation space (HLF820).  
    ●High temperature chemical resistant  
    All contacting surface to the measuring liquid is made by chemical resistant NEW PFA. Genuine sel-developed ceramics element realizes the use in high temperature liquid up to 200 deg C (K type).


    ●Detachable cable enables easy installation  
    Sensor cable can be detached from the sensor unit, so the installation of the sensor unit is easily done without cable. The cable length can be selected fro 5 or 7 meters.  
    ●PC monitoring is possible by RS-485 communication  
    "HLF800 monitor" is supplied for PC monitoring. Install the software to Windows PC and it controls the parameter setting and monitors the measurement data via RS-485 communication.  
  • Usage

    • Flow measurement of DIW or ultrapure water for the semiconductor manufacturing process
    • Flow control of high corrosive chemical liquid
    • Flow control of slurry liquid for CMP (Chemical Mechanical Polishing)
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