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Simco-Ion's IQ Easy Air Assist bar is designed to improve discharge performance at a longer range of distances by moving ions to the target with a precise air stream.

The shockless IQ Easy Air Assist static neutralizing bar combines a high voltage power supply and static neutralizer into one integrated design. An air tube runs the length of the bar between high densities of long-life tungsten emitters. Small perforations in the tube release jets of air, picking up ions produced by both polarities.

The IQ Easy Air Assist bar is designed for rugged industrial use with a high pressure, shatter-proof Polycarbonate air tube that separates the compressed air from the high voltage. It requires only a 24VDC input from your machine. Straight and angled air fittings are supplied. 


  • Flexible installation allows multiple nozzles to be positioned on a single wire run
  • Continuous monitoring of performance and status
  • IP-66 rated against particulate and splash
  • Specifications

    Housing material Fiber reinforced polyester
    Cable Low voltage cable
    Connector Standard M12
    Weight 0.1 lb/ in (1.8 g/ mm)
    Temperature range 0°-104°F (40°C) max
    Approval/Protection CE/IP 66
    Power Supply integrated 24V DC voltage input
    Connection  5/16" [8 mm] OD tubing, quick disconnect
    Gas  clean, dry oil-free air or nitrogen
    100 psi [690 kPa] max
    Consumption Air Flow [SCFM] = Length [inches] X (pressure [psi] X 0.003 + 0.038)
    Materials tube- polycarbonate, fitting - Polybutylene
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