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IQ Power
  • IQ Power

    The IQ Power neutralizing bars are offered in over 85 different lengths and three types to suit your application based on the web speeds or operating distance. All bars include rugged mounting hardware. Two emitter pin options are available, Duralloy or Tungsten. Our exclusive Duralloy emitter pin material is long lasting, resulting in higher efficiency and greater quantity of ions, making it the most reliable choice.

    • Speed Static Bars are engineered to neutralize static charges on webs traveling up to 3,000 fpm and are mounted approximately 4” from the material to be neutralized. Our IQ Easy bar design includes an integrated high voltage supply powered by 24 VDC. Tungsten emitters are available for extreme charge conditions. 
    • Hybrid Static Bars are designed for varied installations up to 18” away. 
    • Distance Static Bars are specially engineered to provide powerful ionization for distances up to 30 inches from the web in applications where installing a static bar close to the web is not an option. 
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