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Model 5802i

Model 5802i

Simco-Ion's Model 5802i Blower provides reliable, fast static charge control for benchtop work areas and small spaces, allowing optimal electrostatics management that minimizes cost and maximizes protection for ESD-sensitive areas. An internal automatic balance correction system ensures ionization continues to reach your target with complete accuracy presenting a significant time and cost savings.

  • ±3V or better balance (±1V with the optional external feedback system)
  • Cleanliness rated at ISO 14644 Class 4 (Fed. Std. 209e Class 10)        
  • Unique airflow directing collimator option
  • Options for sensor input, FMS connection, alarms, fan speed and management control    
  • Auto-Clean system optional
  • Specifications

    Input Voltage 24 VDC
    Discharge With collimator installed better than 1 sec @ 1 ft (typ), taken in-line from the center of the fan (±1000-100V); without collimator better than 2 sec @ 1 ft (typ), taken in-line from the center of the fan (±1000-100V)
    Balance Better than ±1V (typ) with external sensor; ±3V (typ) without sensor
    Cleanroom Class Meets ISO 14644-1 Class 4 (Fed Std. 209E Class 10)
    Dimensions 10.5H x 7.6W x 5D in. (26.7H x 19.3W x 12.7D cm)
    Weight 3 lb (1.36 kg)
  • Accessories

    • Wall Mount Bracket
    • Power Cord Lock
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  • Target Markets

    • Electronics Assembly
    • Back-end Semiconductor Processing
    • Disk Drive
  • Target Applications

    The Model 5802i is designed to control electrostatic discharge and particle contamination for smaller target critical environments such as an IC test handling tool.

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