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Nozzle type cleaner "PULSE JET" point type

Nozzle type cleaner "PULSE JET" point type

  • Features

    Applying ultrasonic pressure to the water stream from the nozzle creates particle acceleration in the water and the water particle motion removes submicron contamination on the objective works.
    Fresh DI water supply avoids re-contamination within the cleaning media.
    Suitable for single wafer processing system.
    High frequency ultrasound (megasonic) is effective for fine particle contamination.
    Output power control can adjust the power and suitable for delicate object like magnetic head.

  • Lineup [Frequencies]

    W-357-P50: Combination with high power transducer for high power application

    W-357-1MPD: Power stabilized generator saves electric power consumption and reliable cleaning power.
    W-357P-25CG: Nozzle material is quartz and teflon and capable to use chemical solutions.

    W-357-1.5MPD: Higher frequency drive is useful for finer particle contamination. RS-422A communication is equipped.

    W-357-3MP: Very high, 3 MHz system. For the finest semiconductor process.

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