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Simco-Ion's Teknek NWP Narrow Web Cleaner for industrial films and papers utilizes the highly effective Teknek Cleaning Core to remove surface contamination prior to the printing, coating or laminating process.   Teknek's uniquely formulated elastomer rollers are manufactured in-house and have much higher performance and cleaning properties than ordinary tacky rolls or tacky rollers.

  • Specifications

    Cleaning Width 254mm, 345mm, 430mm, 520mm, 570mm (10in, 13.5in, 17in, 20.4in, 22.4in)
    Process Speed Up to 250m/min (Web driven) 
    Power Requirements  24VDC (Line running signal) 
    Active Anti-static System  110/240VAC 50/60Hz 
    Pneumatic Pressure Required 5-7 Bar Oil Free Air 
  • Video

    Click HERE to watch video

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