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Ohm-Shield™ Urethane Enhanced Conductive Paint
  • Ohm-Shield™ Urethane Enhanced Conductive Paint

    The Static Solutions Ohm-Shield™ Urethane-Enhanced Conductive Floor Paint is a one-part latex coating ideally formulated for the electronic manufacturing environment.

    With consistent readings in the 105-108 ohms regardless of relative humidity, this paint provides an effective fast and safe path to ground.

    GP-5600 is ideal for difficult to ground items that can not be solved by conventional means, such as walls, furniture components, shipping containers, shelving systems, work stands, cabinets and racks.

    The Static Solutions GP-5600 will eliminate the hassle of cumbersome floor mats when applied to the work area floor. This coating is not dependent on relative humidity to function properly. Warm water and detergent will remove dirt and debris from cured GP-5600 floor paint.

    Available in 1 gallon containers (a case of four) or a 5-gallon pail.

    • Features

      • Static Dissipative 105-108 ohms
      • Product conforms to the ESD S.20.20 spec standards
      • Neutral battle ship grey color, aesthetic
      • Indoor paint
      • Durable: long lasting
      • Water based-safe
      • Low cost: value priced
      • Environmentally friendly: no solvents
      • Easy to apply
      • High adhesion to concrete and wood
      • Low VOC
      • Enhanced polyurethane
      • Made in the USA
    • What's Included

      • ESD Grey Paint
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