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Ohm-Stat™ Digital ESD Field Meter

Ohm-Stat™ Digital ESD Field Meter

The Static Solutions Ohm-Stat™ Digital ESD Field Meter has an LCD/ bar graph digital display, a 9 volt battery, focus ring range finder and an industry first microcomputer circuit. The Ohm‐Stat ™ FM‐1126 conforms to the RoHS, S.20.20‐2007 specs, CE, and comes with a calibration certificate. Applications include: measuring polarity and intensity of static charges on parts in ESD sensitive areas and assembly lines. It is also used to install ionizers and to inform supervisors when cleaning and balance adjustment is required.

  • Features

    • Now with an ionizer probe attachment
    • Indicates voltage and polarity
    • Digital display is updated every three seconds
    • Non-contact
    • Power on/hold and zero buttons
    • Easy to read 3.5” LCD display
    • Range: 1-20,000v
    • 1” spacer bar
    • 9v battery
    • Case included
    • Product conforms to the ESD S.20.20 spec standards
    • Checks for class zero conformance
    • NIST certificate included
    • Made in the USA
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