Ohm-Stat™ Metal Expansion Wrist Strap With 10’ Coil Cord

Ohm-Stat™ Metal Expansion Wrist Strap With 10’ Coil Cord

The Static Solutions Ohm-Stat™ WS-1037 Metal Expansion Wrist Strap With 10’ Coil Cord is so unique in design it has been patented!

ESD S1.1 standard recommends the use of static control wrist straps as an effective ESD control system. Normal activity builds harmful static charges, if an ungrounded user makes contact with a static sensitive device the result can be costly and damaging.

The metal band is adjustable, is preferred over an elastic fabric band for cleanroom situations and is longer lasting compared to a fabric band.

  • Features

    • 10′ coil cord
    • Premium protection
    • Non flaking surface
    • Protects users and static sensitive devices from electrical hazards
    • Band, buckle and cord are antistatic-no problems will occur when it comes close to static sensitive devices
    • Product conforms to the ESD S.20.20 spec standards
    • Superior contact with skin
    • Cleanroom Safe: no fraying of fabric
    • Patent buckle and cord: unique design for snug fit, no exposed tab material for classzero specification
    • Patent #6,426,859 B1
    • No pinch design
    • Comfortable: one size fits most
    • Long lasting: will outlast and outperform the competition
    • High grade buckle medical grade stainless steel: will not cause an allergic reaction
    • Fluorescent green color
    • No tedlar on surface which may generate ESD voltage
  • What's Included

    • Metal expanding wrist strap
    • Coil cord

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