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  • Specifications

    Cooling Method Air-cooling type
    Cooling Capacity(W) 2800/3100
    Heating Capacity/Quick Heating (W) 2000
    Heating Capacity/Control Heating (W) 1000
    Temperature Control Precision (°C) +-(high-precision mode) 0.05
    Water Setting Temperature Range (°C) -10~80
    Circulated Water Pure or distilled water (electric conductivity of 1~10µS/cm), ethylene glycol solution (strength of 30% or less)
    Use Area Temperature (°C) 5-40
    External Dimensions(mm) H995×W440×D800
    Volume (kg) 104
    Rated Voltage (V) Three-phase AC200
    Consumption Current/MIN (A) 5.3/6.3
    Consumption Current/MAX (A) 15.3/16.3
    Wattage/MIN (W) 1530/1890
    Wattage/MAX (W) 4530/4890
    Power Supply Capacity (kVA) 7
    Ciculation Pump/Rated Output (W) 600
    Ciculation Pump/Rated Flow Volume (ℓ/min) 18/20
    Ciculation Pump/Pump Lift (m) 30/43
    Maximum Tank Volume (ℓ) 30
    Coolant R-407C 800g
    Noise (dB) 62/65
    Safety Circuit/Compressor Protector temperature (135°C OFF), overcurrent relay
    Safety Circuit/Refrigeration Cycle Pressure switch
    Safety Circuit/Circulated Water Circuit Water pressure sensor, Wed deletion / Irrigation / SW float filled with water detected
    Safety Circuit/Pump Overcurrent relay
    Safety Circuit/Fan Motor Overcurrent relay
    Safety Circuit/Heater Thermo-Over-Temperature (90°C OFF), current fuse
    Input-Output/Alarm Output No-voltage contact a ( AC250V / 2A / Resistive load)
    Input-Output/Water Temperature Top-Bottom Limit Alarm No-voltage contact a ( AC250V / 2A / Resistive load)
    Input-Output/Water Supply Valve/Operation Output No-voltage contact a ( AC250V / 2A / Resistive load)
    Input-Output/External Temperature Sensor Input Pt100
    Input-Output/External Control Input Non-voltage input
    Input-Output/Emergency Shutdown Input Non-voltage input
    Input-Output/RS-232C Half-duplex, three-wire, one-on-one
    Functions Circulating water pressure alarm function,
    Circulating water pressure display function,
    Circulating water temperature alarm function,
    Heater power display function,
    Pump running time display function,
    Anti-freezing operation function,
    Digital filter function,
    Password setting function,
    Auto-tuning function,
    Function ON / OFF timer,
    Key lock function,
    Error history memory function,
    Cascade control function,
    External temperature input function
    Safe Performance Timer condition compressor, close assist pump, adjuster for fixing, double safety pan