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  • Specifications

    Cooling scheme Air-cooling type
    Cooling capacity (W) 13300
    Thermal capacity (W) 2500
    Circulated water Pure water (over 1μs/cm), distilled water, pure water, ethylene glycol (less than 30% density)
    Temperature control accuracy (°C) ±0.1
    Circulated water temperature range (fresh water) (°C) 5 to 45
    Circulated water temperature range (antifreeze) (°C) -5 to 45
    Circulated water flow-rate range (L/min) 20 to 70
    Circulated water pressure range (Mpa) 0.7 or less
    Ambient temperature (°C) -5 to 45
    Type R-410A
    Filling amount (g) 1700
    Exterior dimensions (w/o casters) (mm) H1496 x W850 x D750
    Paint color DIC G-260 (Munsell value: N7.5 equivalent)
    Weight (kg) 145
    Power voltage (V) 3-phase AC200 to 230VAC
    Power consumption (kW) 5.7
    Current consumption (A) 17.0
    Breaker capacity (A) 30
    Power source capacity (kVA) 7.6
    Constituent equipment/Compressor Shutting tightly Roundabout system
    Constituent equipment/Condenser Parallel flow condenser type, forced air cooling system
    Constituent equipment/Cooler Plate-type heat exchanger
    Constituent equipment/Water pump Multistep spiral dipping mandrel
    Constituent equipment/Lift (m) 51
    Constituent equipment/Tank capacity (L) 35
    Constituent equipment/Coolant R-410A
    Safety circuitry/Compressor Motor protector
    Safety circuitry/Cooling cycle Pressure switch
    Safety circuitry/Circulated water circuit Water pressure sensor, low-water float switch
    Alarm output No voltage open-contact (AC250V/2A)
    Water temperature upper-limit alarm output No voltage open-contact (AC250V/2A)
    Water temperature lower-limit alarm output No voltage open-contact (AC250V/2A)
    Operation stop output No voltage open-contact (AC250V/2A)
    Pump output No voltage open-contact (AC250V/2A)
    Operation stop input No voltage input
    Error reset input No voltage input
    Emergency stop input No voltage input
    Ethernet (Communication standard) Ethernet 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX
    Ethernet (Communication protocol) Socket (TCP/IP), MC protocol (UDP/IP)
    Ethernet (IP address) IPv4
    LCD (Settings menu) Operation mode/Circulated water temperature alarm/Timer/Settings/Custom settings/Input-output settings/Communication settings/Error history
    LCD (Circulated water temperature movement) Circulated water temperature rising/decreasing/stable trend
    LCD (Graphical display) Internal temperature graph, circulated water pressure graph
    LCD (Input/output monitor) Input 1 (3-point)/Output 1 (3-point)/Output 2 (2-point)
    LCD (Operation monitor) Compressor high-pressure/Compressor low-pressure/Circulated water pressure/Circulated water temperature/Compressor outlet temperature/Compressor inlet temperature/Circulated water flow-rate/Circulated water temperature/Compressor operation time/Fan operation time/Pump operation time
    Water resistance IPx4 equivalent
    Vibration resistance MIL-STD-810F equivalent
    Safety standard CE (low-voltage command, EMC command)、UL(ETL)
    Operation noise level (dB) 73
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