Arcing can cause a multitude of problems such as EMI interference, shutdown of production lines and personnel injury due to surprise from electrical shock. Resistance to arcing means that the Pinner applicators continuously supply static charge. This feature makes them easier and safer to set up and use. The Pinner also produces superior bonding compared to less sophisticated applicators. The Pinner applicators are also available in a non-current limited version for less sensitive areas.


  • Current limited design for operator and equipment protection
  • Arc condition sensing and instantaneous intervention resulting in uninterrupted pinning action
  • Minimized EMI and RFI generation, preventing disruption of sensitive control
  • Optional manual adjust gooseneck with easy lock/release feature and insulative brackets
  • Replaceable pins to ensure maximum pinning performance
  • Rated for use in temperatures to 500°F
  • Designed and tested as an integral component of Simco-Ion electrostatic charging systems 
  • Specifications



    Profile 7 in x 3/4 in diameter 4.75 in x 3/4 in diameter
    Points 5 fixed 4 replaceable
    Temp. Rating 500°F /260°C 221°F /105°C
    Power Supply 30 kV/50 kV 30 kV/50 kV
    Cable 10 ft, not removable 10 ft, not removable
    Resistor Limited Yes Yes




    Profile 8.5 in x 0.75 in 3.5 in x 1.125 in diameter
    Points 3 replaceable 6 fixed
    Temp. Rating 500°F/260°C 221°F/105°C
    Power Supply 30 kV/50 kV 30 kV
    Cable 10 ft, not removable 10 ft, not removable
    Resistor Limited Yes No

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