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QuadBar™ 4635

QuadBar™ 4635

Simco-Ion’s QuadBar™ Ionizer with Air Assist Model 4635 provides effective static charge control in a small format. The Model 4635 offers two air assist cartridge design options. Each utilizes a cross-channel air cartridge built around the emitter points that provides optimal air distribution with minimal field voltage.


  • Air assist cartridge design with cross-channel air delivery
  • Two cartridge design options offers extended cleaning periods (standard with sheath air flow) or faster discharge times (jet with center orifice)
  • Rotatable cartridge design
  • Quadropole configuration with IsoStat technology
  • Compact size
  • Single Crystal Silicon emitter points
  • Alarm output to FMS or process tool controller

Controller Model 4030

  • Specifications

    Input Voltage 24 VAC or 24 VDC
    Discharge Standard Cartridge <15 sec @ 12” (30.5 cm); Jet Cartridge <6 sec @ 12” (30.5 cm) both using 15 lpm purging gas airflow
    Balance ±50V @ 6” and 12” (30.5 cm) with 80-100 fpm ambient airflow
    Coverage 12” x 12”
    Ion Emissions Steady-state DC
    Cleanliness ISO Class 1 when powered with 24 VDC; ISO Class 2 when powered with 24 VAC
    Dimension 1.3H x 1.3W x 4.5L in. (3.3 x 3.3 x 11.4 cm)
    Weight 3.8 oz (108g)
  • Accessories

    • Transformers
    • 24 VAC Interconnect/Power Cables
    • 24 VDC Power Cable
    • Power Cords
  • Consumables

    • QuadBar Silicon Emitter Point
    • QuadBar Silicon Emitter Point Holder
  • Target Markets

    • Back-End Semiconductor Processing
    • Front-End Semiconductor Manufacturing
  • Target Applications

    QuadBar Model 4635 Ionizers placed above and below the handling robot accelerate discharge times on the front and back wafer surfaces, regardless of airflow.

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