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Quartz Transducer Cleaner

Quartz Transducer Cleaner

  • Features

    Low damage cleaning for the wafers with micro-structure

    ■Ultrasonic vibration is applied to the Quartz head and cleans semiconductor wafers.

    Cleaning chemical is filled between the quartz head and semiconductor wafer and the ultrasonic vibration can be carried via quartz head and cleaning chemical will effectively cleans the wafer with ultrasonic acceleration power.

    ■It cleans semiconductor wafers with low damage.

    Using quartz glass for chemical contact points instead of rubber packing, there is no risk of elution or wearing out of packing material and keeps high level cleanliness.

  • Usage

    Removal of photo resist material
    Removal of polymer material after etching or ashing
    Cleaning Gate electrode
    Post process of CMP

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