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Seatia™ ESD Chair

Seatia™ ESD Chair

The Static Solutions Seatia™ ESD Chair has all the features you’d expect in a chair as well as the added bonus of the ESD qualities you need to be compliant and to have the best odds at reducing your exposure to static.

  • Features

    • Seat dimensions: L: 17.5″ W:18″ H:1.75″
    • Seat Adjustment: 19”- 26”
    • Backrest dimensions: L: 11.5” W: 16.5”  H: 1.2”
    • Overall height (w/adjustment): 30”- 35.5”
    • Arm height: 23“
    • Width between arms: 16”- 21.5”
    • Static dissipative-106-109 ohms RTG
    • Product conforms to the ESD S.20.20 spec standards
    • Patent pending wrist to chair ground
    • 5 ESD casters: no drag chain failures
    • Molded urethane material: not cloth or PVC-longevity
    • Metal substrate: not wood stability
    • ESD gas cylinder
    • Wide seat is limited to 300 lbs.
    • Includes Ohm-StatTM WS-1020 patented elastic adjustable wriststrap
    • Cleanroom glides are available
    • Foot ring and arms included
    • Made in the USA
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