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The SM Static Control Bar is a micro sized (3/8 inch square) static eliminator for lengths up to 6 feet. The static bar is popular with machine builders because it fits into very tight spaces. Common applications include web processes, plastics, printing, and packaging operations. The static bar has a unique stainless steel emitter spring assembly which provides more ionizing points per inch for maximum ionization.

The SM Static Control Bar comes with metal shielded cable to reduce EMI/RFI emissions and to allow the cable to mount directly against metal, such as a machine frame, without using stand-offs.

The SM Static Control Bar requires a power supply for operation, which must be ordered separately.

UL, CUL and CE approved.

  • Specifications

    Shockless or Hot Shockless
    Ionization Output Standard
    Maximum speed of target material 1200 ft/min
    How far from charged material can bar be mounted? 1 inch
    Approved for hazardous locations No
    Intended for heavy, normal or light industrial applications Light to Normal
    Maximum overall length 71 5/8 inches
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