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Industrial Ultrasonic Plastic Welder / Cutter

Industrial Ultrasonic Plastic Welder / Cutter

Multi-purpose unit can cover welding, cutting, riveting and other work. 
Built-in constant power circuit enables constant work. 

  • Features

    Special Bolt-clamped Langevin transducer has been genuinely developed. 

    Two types of handpiece are available; Embed type (A type) and Handheld type(H type). 
    A type hired flex-resistant cable and bears for repetitive motion of automated system. 
    It also has capability of air-purge cooling system for stable continuous use. 

    Constant output power circuit keeps the stable drive of the horn. 

  • Specifications

    Model SONAC-200
    Oscillation PLL auto-tracking oscillation
    Output power 200 W
    Output frequency 28 kHz
    Power source 100V AC, ±10%, 50/60 Hz 


    WxDxH mm

    Main unit 300x308x107
    Handpiece dia 42x238 (exclude raised part and horn)
    Weight A type: 4.9 kg, H type: 4.7 kg(exclude horn)

    ■Accessories: External control cord (A type only)
    ●Transducer : Bolt-clamped Langevin type 
    ●Protection: Thermostat
    ●Ouotput control: 50 to 100 %
    ●Timer: 0.1 -
    ●Power cord length: 2 m
    ●Output cord length: 5m flex-resistant (A type), 1.5m (H type)
    ●Option: Foot switch (FS01),   Handpiece stand (HS01),   Alarm cable

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