Ultrasonic no-staple stapler

Ultrasonic no-staple stapler

Plastic Stapler without staples. Safe and Easy!

Grasp the handpiece as same way as standard stapler. The object can be welded easily.
For food pack, plastic container or vinyl packages.

  • Features

    • Ultrasonic vibration (60,000 cycles per second) welds plastic instantly, safe and easy.
    • Lightweight compact handpiece is easy to handle. It also fit in the main unit for storage.
    • No metal staples, tapes or bonds. Plastic material melts instantly at the contact point and weld.
    • No risk of contamination to content in a package. Garbage separation is not necessary after use.
    • Protection circuit prevents damage. Safe and durable.
    • Ultrasonic output starts and stop automatically by holding the object between avils.
    • No preheat is necessary. Plug in the unit and operates right away.
    • Tamper-proof welding is possible with option anvil.
    • Main unit is also lightweight and compact. It fits many scenes of applications.
  • Usage

    • Food packs(OPS, A-PET), Plastic nets
    • Chemical fiber clothing, Temporary fixing
    • Vinyl bag, Blister pack fixing
    • Industrial plastic film, Plastic tapes or Wrapping films

       * Not suitable for air-tight sealing

  • Specifications

    Model SONAC-37
    Oscillation Self-oscillated
    Output power 20 W
    Frequency 57 kHz
    Power sourch 100V AC, 50/60Hz 30 W


    (exclude raised part, foot)

    Main unit 70 x 220 x 165
    handpiece 32 x 125 x 49
    Weight 920 g

    ■Accessories: Standard anvil (YK01)
    ●Transducer : Bolt-clamped Langevin type 
    ●Protection: Thermostat, blank welding protection
    ●Effective welding area: 6 x 3 mm
    ●Power cord length: 1.5 m
    ●Output cord length: 0.5 m (Carl cord)
    ●Option: Tamper proof anvil (YK02)
      * easy to proof of unpacking

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