Terra-Stat Floor Mat

Terra-Stat Floor Mat

The Static Solutions Terra-Stat Floor Mat is ideal for your ESD flooring mat needs.

This mat is very thick and durable and is ideal for floor use although many find creative uses for it on counters, workstations and shelving.

You can buy an entire roll or we will cut it for you to the length that works best for your situation.  Comes in either 24″ or 48″ wide as standard but if you have needs for any measurement less we can custom cut right here at our location in Hudson, MA.

  • Features

    • Custom sizes available to be cut.  Call or email with your specific measurements
    • Electricals (106-108 RTG) lifetime warranty
    • Conforms to the ESD S.20.20 spec standards
    • Embossed finish no glare, easy cleaning
    • Color: gray with white/black speckles
    • Thickness: .125”-.140” (3.1-3.5 mm) no curl, lays flat: no tripping
    • Hardness: 85-94, no curl, low abrasion, long life
    • 24” or 48” by 32’ long
    • Decay rate: .05 sec. rapid, safe static drain
    • Low abrasion: protects long term
    • UV resistance color stability
    • Flame retardant, meets building codes
    • Material: industrial grade SBR/nitrile-abrasion resistance
    • Antimicrobial

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