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The Top Gun Static Elimination Gun is a lightweight but durable static removal gun.  It provides superior control and targeted particulate clean up for a wide variety of industrial applications. As a forceful neutralizer and blow-off gun, Top Gun Static Eliminator easily removes stubborn particulate from surfaces. As a neutralizer, Top Gun gets rid of troublesome charges responsible for the attraction of contaminants to product surfaces.

The Top Gun is designed for the user's comfort with its flexible cord and easy-to-use trigger switch. The controls are integrated into the gun body, including ionization monitoring light, replaceable long-lasting air filter, and air output regulator. The cable is protected by a heavy vinneyl covered metal shielding. The included power supply mounts with ease above or below the worksurface. The unit's "shockless" design prevents users from experiencing uncomfortable shocks if the ionizing point is touched. The Top Gun accepts both compressed air or inert gases, including nitrogen. UL and CUL approved.

  • Fast, efficient neutralization
  • Can be installed individually, in a series, or on a header bar
  • Compact size allows for a wide variety of applications
  • Specifications

    Weight 6.5 oz. (185 g.)
    Maximum Pressure 100 psi
    Flow 2.4 SCFM at 30 psi (68/min at 2 bar)
      4.6 SCFM at 60 psi (130/min at 4 bar)
      7.4 SCFM at 100 psi (210/min at 7 bar)
    Discharge Time 1.3 seconds at 6” and 30 psi (1000 V to 100 V); 0.5 seconds at 2” and 60 psi (1000 V to 100 V)
    Air Output Pattern Targeted
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