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Vortex Tubes

Vortex Tubes

Vortex tubes produce up to 6000 BTU/hr (1757 watts) of refrigeration and temperatures as low as -40 deg to solve a variety of industrial spot cooling and process cooling needs. With no moving parts, a vortex tube is highly reliable and inexpensive; and requires no electrical connection at the cooling site. Vortex tubes cool instantly, relying on compressed air spinning in the tube to separate the air into cold and hot air streams.

Vortex tubes are a compact source of refrigeration and cooling, with models ranging from 6 – 13 inches (150 – 330 mm) long and cooling capacities ranging from 100 – 6000 BTU/hour (29 – 1757 watts). Vortex tube performance is easily adjustable by changing the inlet air pressure, ratio of cool air to exhaust or by changing the generator in the tube itself. And while normally used for cooling, vortex tubes can also be used for heating applications, merely by channeling the exhaust hot air to the application.

Vortex tube technology was invented by French physicist Georges Ranque in 1930, and first developed for industrial use by Vortec in the 1960s. Since then, vortex tubes have been applied for a wide range of cooling applications on machines, assembly lines, in processes and for testing and measurements.

  • Features


    • Cools instantaneously
    • Lowest cost per unit of refrigeration of any cooling technique
    • Fully adjustable cooling, easily moved from site to site as needed
    • Fits to provide cooling in the most confined areas
    • Lowest maintenance requirements of any refrigeration technique
    • Environmentally friendly, with no refrigerants or chemicals needed
    • Easy to install, just connect compressed air and go


    • Maintenance free, with no moving parts
    • Cycle repeatability within +/- 1 deg
    • Drops compressed air inlet temperature by up to 100 deg F (55 deg C)
    • No electricity required at the cooling site
    • Cools without refrigerants, as low as -40 deg
    • Compact and lightweight, highly transportable
    • Adjustable for varying cooling needs
    • Available heating capacity using the same tube, up to 200 deg F (93 deg C)
    • Available in both aluminum (208 and 308) and stainless steel (208SS) models
    • Replacement generators available for modification of cooling or upon contamination
  • Specifications

    Model# 106-2-H 106-4-H 106-8-H 208-11-H
    Material of Construction Brass/Stainless Steel Brass/Stainless Steel Brass/Stainless Steel Aluminum
    Inlet, inch, NPT 1/8 1/8 1/8 1/4
    Cooling Capacity (BTU/hr) 100 200 400 640
    Air Consumption @ 100 psig (scfm) 2 4 8 11
    Inlet, Female or Male F F F F


    Model# 208-25-HSS 308-35-H 328-50-H 328-75-H 328-100-H
    Material of Construction Stainless Steel Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum
    Inlet, inch, NPT 1/4 1/4 1/2 1/2 1/2
    Cooling Capacity (BTU/hr) 1500 2650 3000 4500 6000
    Air Consumption @ 100 psig (scfm) 25 35 50 75 100
    Inlet, Female or Male M F M M M
  • Video

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