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High-Frequency ultrasonic cleaner for lab

High-Frequency ultrasonic cleaner for lab

Operation frequency is about 0.7 to 1.5 MHz and the cleaning effect is based on particle acceleration more than cavitation power.

It is known that standard ultrasonic cleaning utilizes the power of cavitation and the cavitation effect can damage the works in microscopic point of view. For the process of silicon wafers or other thin film cleaning, it can cause serious damage to the objects. Megaherz range of ultrasonic vibration does not have such harmful erosion effect, so it is used widely in this field.


Cleaning with cavitation power subjects the contamination in several μm size and Megaherz cleaning subjects the size of 0.2 μm or less.

For the production line, several kinds of Megaherz cleaning devices are introduced and utilized, however, for the small scale cleaning such as laboratory use or early adaptation, cleaning device is seldom known. 


W-357HPM is one for this use. All-in-one unit comes with Megaherz ultrasonic cleaner. 

  • Features

    • Easy handling for small volume test.
    • Fine cleaning by 1 MHz for Submicron size contamination.
    • With a cleaning type for overflow circulation.
    • Low operation noise.
  • Usage

    • Magnetic head
    • Hard Disk Drive platter
    • Silicon wafer
    • Sapphire Wafer
    • Pre or Post process of semiconductor industry
    • Cleaning test in laboratories or other testing environment
  • Specifications

    Model W-357HPM
    Output power 600 W
    Output Frequency 1 MHz
    Power source 200 - 240 V AC, 50 / 60 Hz, 1200 VA



    outer 370x270x430
    (exclude raised part, include foot)
    inner  317x157x286 (8" wafer) 
    Weight 15 kg

    ●Liquid temperature: 5 - 50 deg C

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