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WTC-600-40/WTC-1200-40 [All-in-one style]

WTC-600-40/WTC-1200-40 [All-in-one style]

  • Features

    High-Power in Desk-top model (600 / 1200 W)

    • All-in-one large tank unit is suitable for large equipment or parts.
    • No-touch operation by optical sensor and speech guidance assist the user.
    • No need to touch the buttons with wet or greasy hands for operation.
    • Automatic frequency tracking to the set value.
    • Stable cleaning power and Alarm function for output error.
    • Overflow drain hole is equipped.
    • Easy to build the water circulation system using the drain cock for dischargring water and the mounting hole for overflow.
  • Usage

    • For electric, electronics industry, PCB, LCD glass, IC, Wafers, Magnetic heads
    • Food and Drug industry, Laboratory equipment
    • Manufacturing parts, Glass bottles
    • Medical equipment, surgical devices
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