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Ultrasonic cleaner with decompression chamber

Ultrasonic cleaner with decompression chamber

For the difficult condition even for the ultrasonic cleaner such as rigidly contacted plate-like parts or long blind holes, ultrasonic power with decompression can solve the problems.
Cavitation effect can be strengthened with decompression field.
Automatically repeat decompression and pressure recovery cycle and is effective for removal of stains.

  • Usage

    Delicate precision parts
    Through-hole PCB
    Blind holes
    Hard Disk Drive mechanical parts
    Fine art crafts
    Ceramic filters

  • Specification

    Model WV-231S
    Oscillation Single frequency
    Output power 200 W
    Output frequency 40 kHz
    Power source 100V AC, 50/60 Hz, 500 VA



    outer 382x367x440
    (exclude raised part, include foot)
    inner  280x220x254 (13 L) 
    Drain valve Rc 1/2
    Weight 35 kg

    ●Liquid temperature: 70 deg C
    ●Transducer : Bolt-clamped Langevin type
    ●Timer: 0 to 60 minutes (1 min. step)
    ●Pressure: -75 kPa (mechanical meter, *maximum pressure may vary by liquid depth)
    ●Decompression-recovery cycle: decompression=45 seconds, Recovery=15 seconds
    ●Power cord length: 2m
    ●Material (tank): SUS304, (rid):SUS304
    ●Options: Basket (KG15), Beaker(BR06)

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